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On this course you will be introduced to self rescue and emergency improvisation techniques; techniques to get you and your climimg partner out of trouble. The sort of problems dealt with on this course include: Escaping the belay system, Tying off a belay plate, Second unable to climb and requires assistance, Assisted and unassisted hoists, Second climbs past a runner, Dealing with an unconscious climber, Counter balance abseil, Stacked abseil, Passing a knot through a belay or abseil device, Prusik and Prusiking Stuck or frozen climber. In short the range of  situations that can and do happen when climbing on large or small crags. This is  the ideal course for anyone progressing onto multi-pitch climbs or those introducing others to the sport. 

Self Rescue / Improvised for climbers Course Dates
By arrangement for 2 or more people

By arrangement for 2 or more

Course fee £ inc. VAT per person
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The course is delivered by members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors AMI.