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Cycle Maintenance Course for Trail / Tutor leader

1.    Checking a bike before riding:

·      tyres at correct pressure,  wheel cones tight, all cables working, headset tight , wheels true, chainset tight,  no other damage

2.    Setting up your bike:

·      align brake pads, align gears, correct seat height,  what tools to carry,            

3.    How to do minor repairs:

·      change inner tube, replace brake pads / discs, adjust brake pads and cables, fit new cables, break and rejoin a chain

4.    After ride checks:

·      tyres for wear, brakes for wear, wheels are true, any damage to bike, clean and oil.

The course duration is 4/5 hours. 

 Cycle Maintenance Trail / Tutor Leader Course Dates

By arrangement for 2 or more

Course fee £ contact us for details

Cycle Maintenance Course for fleet or centre bikes.

Tools needed to set up workshop, checking and replacing brakes, checking and replacing cables,  how to replace chains, clean and lube wheel bearings, lube headset,  check chain and chain rings for wear, fitting new chainsets, true wheels, remove cassettes for cleaning or to replace, fit new front and rear mechs, how to adjust front and rear gears.

The course duration is 4/5 hours.

Cycle Maintenance Fleet / Centre Bikes Course Dates
By arrangement for 2 or more

Course fee £ contact us for details

For organisations and centres we can deliver course at your venue.

Do you need one of our technicians to come and service your fleet?

Just give us a call.


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