1993 to 2024 Celebrating 31 years of providing quality outdoor education.

What is it?

At its simplest, it is when young people move outside their immediate and accustomed environment to learn from first-hand experiences. 

The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto aims are as follow: 

  • To improve training and professional development opportunities for schools and the wider children and young people's workforce;
  • To provide all young people with a wide range of experiences outside the classroom, including extended school activities, integrated and targeted youth support, early years work and one or more residential visits; 
  • To better enable schools, local authorities and other organisations working with young people to manage activities safely and efficiently;
  • To make a strong case for learning outside the classroom, so there is widespread appreciation of the unique contribution these experiences make to young people’s lives;
  • To provide easy access to information, knowledge, expertise, guidance and resources;
  • To offer learning experiences of high quality;
  • To identify ways of engaging parents, carers and the wider community in learning outside the classroom.

Alternative Adventure can help you promote "learning outside the classroom" in so many ways; take some time to explore our website or feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. 

For many learners that environment will be the classroom, but it may also be the village hall where the playgroup meets, a pre-school nursery, a youth club, a specialist facility for young people with learning disabilities and specific educational needs, or a further education workshop. Wherever young people learn, from the ages of 0 to 19, the principles of learning outside the classroom has a part to play as an integral element in that learning.   All young people should experience learning outside the classroom and its benefits, not as a bolt-on to learning but as a central aspect of their learning experience.

LOTC Adventurous Activities 

For example hill walking, Fell running, orienteering, Pony trekking, off-road cycling, Off-piste skiing, mountaineering.
For example canoeing, kayaking, dragon boating, white-water rafting, improvised, rafting, sailing, sailboarding, windsurfing.
For example Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Ice Climbing, Gorge Walking, Ghyll Scrambling, sea level traversing, high & low level rope courses, mountaineering
Challanges and skills: 
 For example archery, quad bikes, assualt Courses, mountain boarding, initiative exercises.
For example caving, pot-holingMine exploration.

For more information click the link to take you directly to the LOTC website. www.lotc.org.uk