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This course will primarily focus on gaining an understanding of the characterisitcs and use of a basic hand held GPS. At the the end of the course participants will have gained more knowledge, skills and be confident about the use of GPS receivers, and be able to use a GPS receiver to its maximum advantage for other navigational skills.

This course will look at the basic functions of the GPS device. However, there will be an opportunity to discuss other GPS receivers which have a range of functions. The day will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor practical exercises in the locality of the West Pennine Moors. 

The course will look at the following:

  • An overview of the GPS system and how it works including acquiring satellite signals
  • Setting up the GPS receiver for use at home or abroad, main function buttons and accessories
  • Main menu pages, navigation, map, trip and computer.
  • Inputting waypoints and routes.
  • Finding locations using the "GoTo" function by the introduction of geocaching.
  • Setting and using the trip computer and Track log as a checking aid.
  • Navigating a pre designated route with your GPS.

GPS for Outdoor Users 

This one day course is designed for those who want to get the most from their GPS unit with aim of the course being 'To provide you with the operational skills to utilise your GPS in the outdoor environment'

This course covers the following:

  • How GPS works
  • Information to allow your GPS to function, incorporating map datums and coordinates
  • Reciever set up
  • Waypoints and routes
  • Following a route

The day consits of both theoretical and practical outdoor sessions on the West Pennie Moors to enhance your understanding of the device and your enjoyment of the outdoors.

If you are still thinking about buying a GPS we will be using our Garmin GPS, giving you a chance to try before you buy. For those who own a different GPS, this is chance to compare and contrast features and ease of use. 

GPS Training Course Dates
By arrangement for 2 or more

Course fee £ inc. VAT per person

Course dates by arrangement for 2 or more, contact us with your requirements.