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This award is designed for 14-19 year olds. The course they undertake will enable them to coach the basic skills of the sport, provide fun activities on a safe, enclosed site and enable them to assist as volunteers at school or local events.

Course Requirements

Anyone over the age of 14 may attend the course, but the course does not give approval for candidates to provide orienteering leadership without the presence of a suitably qualified coach/teacher. Tutors may be teachers, youth workers or outdoor centre staff with a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Orienteering who have had appropriate training in delivery of this course (prior teaching experience maybe taken into account, when tutors are approved). It is preferable for candidates to have orienteering experience prior to starting the course. It would also be desirable to encourage them to take part in an organised club orienteering event after the course. Tutors will need to have a working knowledge of school/centre environments, educational publications (e.g. National Curriculum, 5-14 Guidelines) and other relevant literature. They will need to give details of local orienteering clubs and events. Tutors must also be aware of the legal responsibilities of anyone providing activities for young people and must make the candidates aware of the current safe practice in Orienteering

Course venue

Courses should be held at an appropriate venue so that a variety of activities can be demonstrated to the candidates. A classroom, indoor area and a school map will be required. Wherever possible this should be on a site similar to what the candidates would use on completion of the course.
This can be your school site. Please call to discuss your venue.

Candidates coaching venues

Exercises should only be carried out on enclosed school sites approved by the school concerned, or other appropriate authority. All exercises must be under the direct supervision of a teacher/leader.
Candidates may assist at events on other sites but only under the direct supervision of an appropriately qualified person.

Course Overview

The Course is divided into six 1 hour sessions, which can be delivered in individual lessons, half or full day. They are planned to demonstrate a suitable progression through different environments (Classroom / Hall / Gymnasium / Playground / School Grounds). During the course candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss which exercises they would use with different groups, and how they would work together with the other young leaders and teachers.