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The aim of the award is to recognize candidate's knowledge, understanding and practical ability to perform/teach the basic skills of the sport of orienteering. Candidates will be able to demonstrate safe practice in working with groups of beginners on simple orienteering areas (private 'safe' areas such as Schools Sites, Outdoor Centre Grounds or local parks; called type 'A' areas in orienteering).

Training recognition

Following attendance at the training course, candidates may obtain a certificate indicating that they have been trained to introduce orienteering to beginners on a safe, enclosed area with the proviso that they are operating under another 'body's insurance etc. The wording on the certificate states:

The above named person has attended Level 1 Coach training with a British Orienteering Course Tutor on how to instruct orienteering on 'Type A' areas as defined in the British Orienteering Safety Guidelines.

This training contained no element of assessment and this Certificate is only valid if the holder is operating under the insurance and policies of an 'Outside Agency'.

Achievement of the British Orienteering Level 1 Coaching Qualification

Candidates will need to undertake:

  • Attendance at a one day training course
  • Gain practical orienteering experience - prior to the training if at all possible
  • Home study tasks
  • Practical assessment of a coaching session
  • Age Limit

The qualification is available to anyone of 16 years of age and over; however those under 18 will only be able to work under the supervision of a suitably qualified (over 18 years old) coach/teacher. The Orienteering Young Leader Award is suitable for those aged 14 - 19.

Recommended Guided Learning Time

The training part of the Award it expected to be a minimum of 7 hours.

It is expected that the assessment aspects would take a minimum of 3 hours

Recommended Tutor/Assessor/Candidate Ratio: 1:12 maximum

To ensure appropriate support and monitoring of candidates during practical training sessions, the delivery of the qualification is recommended to operate with a ratio of one appropriately qualified Tutor/Assessor to a maximum of 12 candidates.

Assessment - The following methods will be used to assess candidates

  • Observation of performance - coaching orienteering
  • Review of a supporting session plan at Level 1 or 2 of the STEP System
  • Oral or written questioning to support the above
  • Evaluating the planning of a White or Yellow course, including a course description sheet