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 Earth Ball and Parachute Games What are they?

The Earth Ball is a 2 metre high inflatable that has a variety of uses. From push and shove football, human skittles to fun and games in a muddy field. It can be used to the develop trust and teamwork through a variety of exercises providing endless enjoyment for any age.

The Parachute is a 3 metre diameter nylon parachute which has a variety of uses. Fun and games for all ages. Ball games, team games, tigg games, copy games.

Both activities help develop and create trust between the participants, as well as interpersonal social skills. This activity may be delivered at your site if suitable.

Schools youth groups

Why not combine this with our mobile Climbing Wall, Archery and Team / Problem Solving exercises to create an Adventure Day at your site. Please call with you numbers and we can then design a programme for your day with costs.

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Some games, ideas and the all important safety. 

Earth balls are a great fun item of equipment, with lots of opportunities for exciting games, challenges and physical exercise. Just feel free to use your imagination and come up with a whole lot of new and other ways of using the earth ball. Listed here are ideas and suggestions which we use to start you off. 

Push football

Works best in a large muddy field!. Two opposing teams are each trying to defend the goal of their half of the field (or any open grass area). Every time the opposition allow the ball to enter the goal, they gain a point. Restart play each time from a centre line. 

Note :- do not kick or punch the ball. to reduce risk of injury you need tokeep control of the group. 

In the well

This works well indoors or out. Find some old rope to make a loop which is as big as the ball. This is the hole (well) the teams are trying to get the ball into. One team is attacking, the other defending. To score a point, the attacking team have to roll the earth ball fully onto (into) the well. The defending team have to stop them.Variation to this game can also be played with two wells one at either end of the field. 

Hold it up

This game has two versions and works best with a small marked out area or a strictly defined court space.One team has to work together to keep the ball airborne, the other team has to try to get it down. Works well with two teams of about 8 / 9 per team.

They can work as one small group to keep the ball up and travel with the ball up between two points. 

Dodge the ball

Works either indoors or outdoors. The earth ball can be dodged more easily than a standard football, so makesure the playing area is well defined. You can also restrict the “dodgers” movement, either making themstick to a smaller court area, or require them to keep one foot on a line of a badminton court at all times, for instance. Take care to ensure that play does not get too rough. As with Push football high risk activity.  

Obstacle Course

This can be as simple or complicated, easy or hard as you want to make them. Mark out a line or use comes that they have to roll the earth ball between, or a “roadway” between the line that the ball must not move outside. For an older group you can have one person on top of the ball. As the ball is rolled along they need to move so as not to fall off the ball.

There are many challenges that can be tackled by older group and teenagers, for example getting the earth ball over an assault course!    

Human skittles 

Two teams are required. One team is blindfolded. They are them set out in an area like skittles. The other team starts from a marked point a roll the earth ball at the skittles. The aim is not to knock the skittles over but to make them move. This and be aided by the team rolling making as much noise as possible so to put the skittles off. Point award for each skittle which movers. Each team has two rolls of the earth ball then change. 

Risk Assessment

While earth balls are big, fun, challenging and entertaining there are some risks associated with there use. The risk is high as young people do not perceive the activity as hazardous. A key element when using the earth ball is ensuring that your group will follow the instructions given.  These risk and hazards can be minimised if you take some sensible precautions. 


Beware of sharp objects and edges, for example corners of tables, radiator valves. Earth balls are capable of knocking over things like stacks of chairs, loudspeakers etc. Have a good look round your sports hall beforehand, and try to eliminate these dangers. Either move the potential hazard away, or have someone responsible person spotting it, keeping the earth ball away. When used indoor keep the number of people taking park to a manageable number. 


Take time to have a good look over the area you will be using the earth ball in. Beware of broken glass, cans, litter and dog poo, as much for the player’s sake as the earth balls. Sharp twigs, fences, building corners, cars, thorn bushes, and barbed wire are all worth avoiding. When operating at Scout camps, tent pegs are a particular hazard. It is possible for the earth ball to blow out of control in windy conditions. 

Also...Earth ball can have a surprising force behind it. Can cause injury to the individual. Make sure that play does not get too rough, so that players or bystanders are not getting sent flying, or buried under a pile of competitors. Warn them not to stand directly behind it. They may be flattened by it. Can cause winding of the individual.  Do not allow the group to kick or punch the ball. 

Keep control of the group at all times. 

Earth Ball is our highest risk activity because individuals fail to follow instructions gven. 


Earth Ball and Parachute Games

Earth Ball and Parachute Games

Earth Ball and Parachute Games

Earth Ball and Parachute Games