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Offered below are a number of Adventure Day options based at sites in Greater Manchester, South Lancashire & Merseyside: our local area,  They can be available anywhere in the UK, if that better meets your needs. Adventure days are single or multi activity courses, they enable all participants to share the experience of each of the days activities. The combination of activities is dependent on numbers, time, locations and your group's objectives - be they education, social, excitement, personal challenge or fun. All programmes are designed to meet your group's requirement of times, numbers, location, day, weekday or weekends. Please call to discuss your how we can help deliver your aims and objectives groups.

 Popular combinations of activities include:

  • Orienteering and Team Bulding / Problem Solving
  • Mountain Biking, Archery and Orienteering
  • Abseiling and Gorge Walking
  • Mountain Biking and Gorge Walking
  • Rock Climbing/Abseiling and Archery

Other options are available: please call to discuss your requirements.

Adventure Education / Team Building Day at your school site

Combine 2 or more of:  Team Building Exercises, Archery, Earth Ball, Orienteering, Mobile Climbing Wall, Mountain Biking.

Indiviidually and combined they present a great opportunity to practice and develop a wide  range of the sought after soft skills:  communication,  trust, leadership, co-operation, confidence, planning and organisation, explaining and listening, supporting others, sharing ideas. At the end of each activity a review of the group's performance takes place. This review is then used by the team to consolidate their team spirit.


Which activities are provided will depend on 1. your group, their needs and interests; and 2. your school grounds and accessibility; e.g the Mobile Climbing Wall has very specific access requirements!  Please contact us to discuss how we ccan work together; we aim to be as flexible as possible.