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The course is a perfect introduction to the underground world of Caving (pot-holing). Nothing too hard or strenuous, just an opportunity to explore the classic underground limestone scenery of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. During the day you will learn how the cave was formed (from a tropical sea bed over 300 million years ago to its present state), how to move efficiently underground whether climbing up or down or crawling through squeezes, don't worry I promise you won't get stuck! while making it as challenging as you wish. We provide the helmets, wellingtons and lamps, all you need is the spirit of adventure. Other more demanding caves are arranged for groups with previous experience. The course is run by fully qualified, experienced cavers who know the caves intimately. The choice of cave will depend on the abilities and aims of the course members and of course the British weather. 

This day requires travelling to the Yorkshire Dales so please be aware this is a long day.

See "Skill Courses" for more information on caving activities.