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Annan, Dunfries and Galloway

The Annan is a pastoral river of some 30km, flowing through the eastern Dumfrieshire. It rises in the hills above Moffat, though our trip starts at a minor road bridge. The river provides sections of grade 1 and 2 with four weirs. One of the last is a killer. Portage. Exit at Annan town centre.  

Nith, Dunfries and Galloway 

The lover Nith is a pleasant section of the river suitable for novice river paddlers. The normal start is Auldgrith Biridge finishing at the bridge in Dunfries town centre. This gives a journey of 15km providing sections of grade 1 and 2.


One of our favourites is the beautiful, stunning River Tweed. Starting in the Scottish Borders the Tweed provides some spectacular open canoe touring, steeped in history along its length. In the past the Tweed was a natural resource and route to trade for nearby towns such as Galashiels, Kelso and Newstead, but nowadays the river provides a fantastic touring trip for anyone looking for a paddling journey through a forever changing landscape, with some small, fun rapids in between to add a little spice. The river is grade 1 – 2 with some rapids of grade 3 which can be portaged.

As the river is not as busy as some of the other great touring rivers in the UK, you can always find moments of  solitude. The river is normally started at Peebles all the way to Berwick upon Tweed, which is a full 110km paddle taken over three or four days. If you’ve ever done trips on the Wye or the other Scottish classic, the Spey, then you’ll love the stunning scenery and wild feel the Tweed offers.