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Greater Manchester Area River Trips

All river trips are graded as being suitable for novices or people with experience of open canoeing or kayaking.

River Mersey

Our trip usually starts from a short distance down from Stockport town centre (Junction1 M60); other starting points can be arranged. Under normal water levels the river is  mainly flat water with a good current to take you down. Every now and then there are small bumpy bits that will add a little excitement to your journey. 

Stockport to Northenden 

Novice grade Open Canoe / Kayak

At the start of our river trip we will spent time getting to grips with the open canoe. We then paddle down to Northenden, passing under the bridge at Wilmslow Road, skirting along past the Galleon Hotel and on under the A34. Next we go around the big meander past Fletcher Moss and on to Northenden. We get out just above the weir with novice grade paddlers. This journey is about two hour duration, including time on the water and sorting equipment. 

Stockport to Sale Water Park  

Novice grade Open Canoe / Kayak

As for Stockport to Northenden but we then paddle on to Sale Water Park. We can portage the Northenden Weir or shoot depending on water level and experience of the paddlers. After the weir we go around another big bend between Northenden and West Didsbury and on past Chorlton Water Park and on to Sale Water Park at Jackson's Boat. This journey takes about three and half hours including time on the water and sorting equipment. 

The distance paddled is about 12km from Stockport. 

River Goyt

The river is often paddled from Brabyn's Park, Marple Bridge, to Otterspool. The first sloping weir has three shoots separated by walls. If water is starting to flow over the side shoots of the sloping weir, the stopper in the centre becomes harder to paddle through and the safest way is to scrape down the sides. The next obstacle is the horseshoe weir a few hundred yards down stream. The water at the bottom of this weir has unpleasant boils even at lowish levels, and becomes dangerous as the level rises. Best portaged! By putting in below the horseshoe weir, you can still have an enjoyable paddle. While at lower water levels the paddle from here is mostly a rock dodge, as levels rise the rapids improve, but overhanging tree branches, fallen trees across the river and floating debris can become serious hazards. The best rapid is probably 'looping rapid' a couple of hundred yards above the Manchester club site. It is often worth paddling up from the site to play there, although you will probably have to portage around the fall at the top of the site. Beyond the club site the river continues with similar character until reaching another weir in about half a mile. This weir can sometimes be shot on the left, but take care in spate. In particular the vertical weir at Otterspool by the A627 is dangerous and must be portaged. (Currently building work being carried out on this).   

River Irwell

Nuttall Park, Ramsbotton to Bury. This starts with a short carry across the park to the river. It quickly leads to the gorge section and some interesting rapids. The next interesting section is at Summerseat when the river passes under the restraint. Gently through Summerseat, with occasional glimpses of steam trains, the river leads on to the large sloping weir at Burrs. This can be shot in normal water to the left. You are then in Burrs Country Park and the short but pleasant manmade rapid section. You can get out anywhere along this section, but the normal finish is on the left after the canal and road bridge.